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Medical scale

Dieting with Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil

It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, underweight or the ideal size. Your body needs fat to keep running. If you’re cutting back on calories, it becomes especially important to make each calorie count. That’s a role that Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil fills well. All fats have nine calories per gram, but with […]

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Flaming chicken skillet

Is your oil headed for a breakdown?

Have you ever filled your kitchen with eye-irritating smoke after your cooking oil got a little too hot? That smoke isn’t just smelly … it might also be hazardous to inhale. This is another reason why Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil – which stands up well to high heat – should be your choice […]

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Fresh bulbs of onion on a white background

Five nutritious New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and so are your annual resolutions! January is the ideal time to start fresh and form new habits. This year, we’re helping with your resolve to take better care of your body. It’s the little things that will make a big difference. Take the stairs instead of […]

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New Years Eve

Welcome the New Year with easy party ideas

New Year’s Eve is nearly upon us! While Ryan Seacrest keeps the party going in Times Square, you can create your own countdown-to-midnight celebration with good food (featuring Carotino Red Palm and Canola oil, of course) and these easy yet festive ideas. Your décor: • Sparkle! Choose shiny silver or gold decorations to make your […]

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Carotino gift basket

Carotino Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Have you begun your holiday shopping in full force yet? Don’t know what to buy for some of the people on your list? Try something new this year and create a gift basket with Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil. Add small cookware or ingredients to your bottle of Carotino and create a themed present […]

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