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Carotino Oil stays fresh longer

How often should you change your oil?

It may be time to give your kitchen an oil change. Whether it’s Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil, olive oil or fish oil, even healthy cooking oils don’t last forever. Some opened cooking oils can go rancid after a month or two affecting the taste and quality of your food. Other oils, such as […]

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Where does red palm fruit oil come from?

In the heart of America, we are discovering the benefits of zero trans-fat, cholesterol-free and antioxidant-rich Carotino Red Palm and Canola Oil, but where exactly does this healthy and natural oil come from? 9,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean (about an 18-hour flight from Los Angeles), Carotino’s red palm fruit oil is produced from thriving […]

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Fun and interesting facts about Carotino

Whether you are just discovering Carotino palm fruit oil or if it has long been a staple in your kitchen, you may not know all about its goodness. Here’s our list of the most fun and interesting facts about this healthy oil. Fact #1: It’s such a beautiful color! That striking red color is created […]

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