What’s the difference between palm FRUIT oil and palm KERNEL oil?

Red palm oil is obtained from the flesh of the oil palm fruit. It shouldn’t be confused with palm kernel oil which comes from the kernel or seed of the palm fruit. Both are edible oils, but have very different chemical compositions.

Numerous studies have confirmed the nutritional value of red palm fruit oil make it as healthful as olive oil. In contrast, palm kernel oil contains about 85 percent saturated fats which can raise your cholesterol levels.

Carotino’s patented oil extraction method means that the red palm oil does not need to be hydrogenated – unlike many other cooking oils – so the natural nutrients are retained and it’s free from harmful ‘trans fatty acids’ or ‘trans fats’.

Carotino is a blend of red palm fruit and canola oil. Red palm oil has been used for over 5,000 years and is still used in over 130 countries worldwide. Carotino’s range of red palm fruit oil products are used every day in millions of homes across Asia, Australia, America and Europe.

The red palm fruit oil used in Carotino comes from environmentally sustainable plantations in Malaysia and is cultivated under strict environmental controls. It is also a high energy efficient process. It’s energy output to input ratio is 9.6 compared to just 2.5 for soybean.