The Healthy Facts in a Nutshell…

Carotino is a vitamin rich, cholesterol-free blend of naturally nutrient-packed red palm fruit oil and canola oil.

The amazing health benefits of both red palm fruit oil and Carotino are still relatively unknown in the USA but they have long been recognized elsewhere in the world and this delicious, natural, healthy oil is used in millions of homes everyday!

Carotino is so rich in naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients that it is difficult to sum up all its benefits in a nutshell, which is why we hope you will take a couple of minutes to browse through all the great information on this website.

By making the simple switch to Carotino in place of your usual vegetable or olive oil, you could be packing a whole load of beneficial nutrients into your diet without even noticing–and at the same time cutting out a range of potentially harmful additives.

Carotino contains natural Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Co-enzyme Q10. Carotino is free from Trans fat, artificial colors, additives and preservatives.