Is your oil headed for a breakdown?

Have you ever filled your kitchen with eye-irritating smoke after your cooking oil got a little too hot? That smoke isn’t just smelly … it might also be hazardous to inhale. This is another reason why Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil – which stands up well to high heat – should be your choice for sautéing, frying and other high-temperature cooking.

When an oil is heated to the point of smoking (called its smoke point), that’s a sign that its molecular structure is breaking down. It can start losing its nutritional value and give your food an off-putting taste. Worse, the fumes may actually become toxic. The smoke from over-heated oils may contain harmful free radicals, possibly elevating your risk of chronic diseases such as cancer.

To minimize your exposure to these unhealthy fumes, you could open a window and turn on your noisy stove vent. Or you can simply use Carotino for the majority of your cooking needs. With its neutral flavor, Carotino is versatile enough to use in most any recipe. It’s high smoke point is another reason Carotino is a healthy alternative.