Here’s how to keep family meals fresh and interesting

What’s for dinner? If your menu looks suspiciously the same from one week to the next, it may be time to go shopping for this month’s seasonal produce. From tender young asparagus stems to the earthy goodness of fresh mushrooms, March boasts some truly versatile and wholesome vegetables. To include even more nutrition to your dishes, prepare each with Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil. So light the grill or bring out the sauté pan, and change up your meals with these in-season vegetables:

Asparagus—lightly coat with Carotino and your choice of spices before grilling until tender

Brussels sprouts—steam for 6 to 8 minutes; add Carotino and your choice of seasonings before serving

Cabbage, lettuce and spinach—add any one of these to your salads or try something new and add Carotino and croutons to a plate of all three

Garlic—drizzle with Carotino and roast for about 30 minutes; also add to Brussels sprouts, pea shoots or any other of your favorite dishes

Green onions—chop and place in pan with Carotino, sauté and use as a flavorful, colorful and nutrition-filled garnish to any of your favorite dishes

Mushrooms—coat with Carotino and place in oven at 400° F until well browned

Pea shoots (available at many Farmer’s markets)—use as a delightful variation to one of your favorite stir fry recipes; be sure to use fresh garlic to enhance the flavor and of course stir fry with Carotino

Did you know that a vegetable’s color actually reflects the vitamins and minerals in it? This is why it’s important to transform your dinner into a rainbow and not just eat veggies of all one shade. Vegetables are a great tool in your arsenal against diseases, and seasonal foods are a great way to change things up for your taste buds and give your body a variety of nutrients.