Handy kitchen tips using Carotino

We all have our kitchen staples: your favorite utensils, your favorite recipes or your favorite ingredients. They’re what we go to in a pinch when the in-laws are coming to dinner in an hour or your dish is missing just a little something. To help you build your culinary bag of tricks, we thought we’d share some of our favorite go-to kitchen tips using Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil.

Keep your waffles from sticking: Do you avoid making waffles because they always stick to the waffle iron? Fix this messy problem by seasoning the non-stick grids with Carotino. (You need to use this high-heat cooking oil because other oils — such as olive oil — simply can’t stand the heat.) Start by carefully cleaning the cooking grids with a soft, dry cloth. Use a Teflon-safe plastic scrubbing pad or simply soap, water and a rag for any tough spots. Then thoroughly dry the grids before rubbing Carotino over them with a soft cloth.

Enjoy buttery flavor: Butter burns easily! It’s often very hard to know what the actual temperature is in a pan. Carotino can be blended with a small amount of butter when cooking at higher temperatures or when baking if you want that buttery flavor.

Seal in juices: Brush your meats with Carotino before grilling, broiling or roasting to seal in their juices and produce an impressive browning.

Reduce greasiness of sautéed or fried foods: Give Carotino time to warm up in the pan before you add any food. This will help keep your meal from sticking to the pan, and it will be less likely to soak up a lot of excess oil.

Eliminate painful oil splatter: Even tiny water droplets can cause hot oil to splatter, which could lead to burns. Make sure your utensils and your food are as dry as possible before sautéing or frying.

Make your own healthy oil cooking spray: Cooking spray is probably already a staple in your kitchen, but now you don’t have to settle for whatever kind of oil comes in the can. All you need is a spray bottle, water and Carotino. Simply pour one part oil and five parts water into the spray bottle and shake well.

Do you have a favorite use for Carotino? Add your comment below or post your tips on our Facebook page.