Cloudy oil in cold weather?

We have recently received a few calls from customers who are concerned that their Carotino oil appears to have a slightly cloudy appearance or that a small amount of sediment has appeared at the bottom of the bottle. If this has happened to your Carotino oil, please don’t be concerned!

This is a completely natural process which occurs when the temperature of the oil drops below 5°C for a prolonged period, as happened in the recent cold snap. The same thing happens to olive oil and other natural oils when they drop below a certain temperature and is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. It just goes to show that Carotino is an entirely natural product!

The slight cloudiness in no way affects the quality of the oil, its nutrient content or its cooking properties and you can carry on using it in the normal way.

If you are bothered by the cloudy appearance of the oil, you can restore Carotino’s usual clear appearance by making sure the cap is on tight and then immersing the entire bottle into warm water for around five minutes. To avoid the oil going cloudy again in cold weather, please store Carotino at normal room temperature.