Carotino Gift Baskets Are Ideal for Everyone on Your List

Carotino is a perfect holiday present, and coworkers, family or friends will love to find it under the tree this year. It’s also ideal for that last handful of people on your list for whom nothing immediately comes to mind. Instead of scanning the candy aisles, create a homemade gift basket with Carotino Red Palm & Canola oil tailored just for them. Include your friend’s favorite foods, some new kitchenware or something else you know they’ll enjoy so that they can create their ideal dish with Carotino. This personal touch says, “I was thinking of you” and makes your gift stand out from simple, store-bought presents.

Here are some more gift basket ideas:

• For the football fan: Carotino is great for game day, so place a bottle into a chili pot with a cap or tee shirt from your fan’s favorite team. Add a couple bottles of their favorite beverage, and include chili powder, fresh garlic cloves and red peppers for a delicious chili recipe, such as this Chilli Chicken Bean Pot.

• For the family cook: Carotino is more versatile than olive oil, and won’t break down in high-heat cooking, making it ideal for just about any recipe. Use a colander or large pasta pan to hold a bottle cushioned with a dish towel or hot pad. Add ingredients for the classic mac and cheese with some tomatoes and onions to spice it up. Be sure to include this recipe for Macaroni Cheese with Tomato and Onion so they can add this soon-to-be family favorite dish to their cookbook.

• For the Christmas devotee: Carotino is perfect for all sorts of holiday cooking, and its beautiful red color makes a lovely addition to any Christmas-themed basket. Lay a bottle of Carotino in a red or green container and fill in with silk poinsettias, ornaments, candy canes or scented candles. Add fudge, biscotti or gourmet cheeses and crackers to the mix, or include a spiced cider mix and bake a batch of Chocolate and Banana Financiers. Be sure to include the recipe so that they can share it with all their friends next Christmas.

Put the cookies, generic candy canes and ornaments back on the shelf, and give something unique this Christmas. Take the time to mold your Carotino gift basket into something they’ll remember and enjoy all year round. Expand your college friend’s kitchen tool inventory, give your mother-in-law a handful of new recipes, or bring a basket of fun to your holiday work party. No matter what you choose to fill it with, a Carotino basket is the ideal holiday gift.