Carotino contains one of Dr. Oz’s “miracle” foods

Did you see the Dr. Oz Show earlier this month when he revealed his list of the most miraculous finds for 2013? Red palm oil was his number one pick! Guest Bryce Wylde, a natural healthcare practitioner and one of Canada’s leading alternative health experts, praised this phenomenal oil which is found in Carotino’s Red Palm & Canola Oil. Despite all of the attention being given to coconut oil lately, Wylde explains that red palm oil’s significant levels of carotenoids and tocotrienols give it distinct health advantages.

During his Dr. Oz Show appearance and in his accompanying article, Wylde outlined red palm oil’s numerous health benefits, stating that it helps:

• Remove plaque from the circulatory system

• Improve cholesterol values

• Maintain proper blood pressure

• Quench free radicals

• Keep inflammation in check, which in turn helps keep cholesterol from depositing in the arteries

Wylde pointed to research showing that consuming red palm oil may also help protect against macular degeneration, liver disease, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis and cataracts. And it may help improve immune function and liver detoxification pathways, help protect skin from UV damage, and its tocotrienols may help fight some forms of cancer.

Make Carotino Red Palm & Canola Oil your 2013 miracle ingredient, and feel more confident about the nutrition you are serving to your family!