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Cloudy oil in cold weather?

We have recently received a few calls from customers who are concerned that their Carotino oil appears to have a slightly cloudy appearance or that a small amount of sediment has appeared at the bottom of the bottle. If this has happened to your Carotino oil, please don’t be concerned! This is a completely natural […]

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Season’s Greetings from Carotino!

Make Christmas Cooking Healthier with Carotino! When you’re shopping for festive food this Christmas, don’t forget to put Carotino, the healthier cooking oil on your list! Cholesterol-free Carotino oil is rich in Vitamins A & E, plus Omega 3 & 6 and is great for all kinds of Christmas cooking. If you’re planning a traditional […]

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Fascinating Uses for Carotino Oil

We love to hear how people use Carotino oil. Mostly it’s for food use (naturally!) but we also hear of other innovative ways in which people use Carotino. For example as a lubricant. We’ve heard of people using it to oil locks and hinges and unstick zips (watch you don’t get any on your clothes!). […]

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Chef G Viverito makes a cake with healthy oil for XETV viewers

San Diego Living (XETV) audiences got a sweet and healthy treat when Chef Gerard Viverito dropped by the studio to demonstrate how to make a Red Palm Oil Cake. It’s yummy without packing on the pounds. The cake is made with sustainable Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, which contains healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins. Discover why […]

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